Advertising, Sponsorship and Sample Policy

Products, Samples and PR

I do accept products and samples from brands and PR but just because a product has been sent to me doesn’t mean it appears here on the site, in fact many, many, many products don’t – even from brands I’ve worked with for years.

However, the focus of the reviews on MANFACE has never been a discussion of price (unless it’s surprisingly high or equally low) and I only discuss the efficacy of a product vs. the promises a brand or product makes. Therefore as I don’t comment on whether I’d buy the product or not, only whether it stands up to promised expectations, where I got the product from never really enters into it.

If a product review has been sponsored, it will be labelled as such [please see Adverts, Banners and Sponsorship below].

Adverts, Banners and Sponsorship

MANFACE does have placement of both banner ads and sponsored content. This is always clearly marked either using the ‘AD’ or ‘SPONS’ logo on the bottom-right of images or clearly marked as a posts category.

I’m a ‘Pro’ blogger, meaning blogging is my career and living so please understand that advertising and sponsorship allows me to keep that going.

I try to be as open and honest as possible with advertising as I would never wish for my reviews to appear biased or swayed by money. I only ever take on sponsorship from brands with products I like and support. You’d not believe the amount of gambling and booze offers I get! I don’t want that on here, and I know you certainly don’t.

Advertise on MANFACE

I currently work with a number of brands on Advertising and Sponsorship. I am no longer under the restrictive contract of a ‘Blogging Agent’ so please feel free to contact me directly to discuss rates etc.

More information, including stats, can be found on my Media Agency website – TFC Media Co.