FITFACE x MOANFACE: 100% Big Boned

If this was an article about the dangers of smoking and how disgusting it is for your health and fitness, I’d get 100% agreement. Cigarette packets are labelled with graphic images of diseased lungs and slogans such as “Smoking causes cancer”. However, if a fat person is advised by anyone that their size may be […]

Aveda celebrates 25 years of Shampure with new products

My favourite haircare brand, Aveda, is excitedly celebrating 25 years of its iconic shampoo and conditioner, Shampure; featuring an intoxicating aroma of 25 pure flower extracts that have been winning awards since 1989. Manufactured with 100% wind energy in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging with ethically sourced ingredients; Aveda Shampure is the hallmark of ethically produced […]