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Winter Weekend Pamper: Banish dehydrated skin

This week, and particularly today, the weather has been bitterly cold, hovering around 0 degrees. Not only this, but the air is very, very dry. Dry air coupled with cold is the key to dehydrated skin, zapping all the skin’s natural moisture, slowing down oil production and often leaving it visibly dull and flaky (particularly around the nose and mouth on many people). So this evening, I decided to delve…

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Wilkinson Sword Groomer
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#Sponsored Video with Wilkinson Sword

The party season is almost upon us as well as being smack bang in the middle of Movember. Most of us guys have been busy growing all kinds of facial hair over the last month and it’d be a shame not to do something fun, stylish or festive with it. Now apparently us Brits spend around 3,000 hours of lives shaving which means things can get pretty boring so, Wilkinson Sword…

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Rahua Amazon Hair Care Christmas Gift

A few months back I attended a launch for Rahua (oh that reminds me, I can tell you about it now – will post ASAP) and was absolutely blown away by the brand. Their ethics, ingredients and efficacy are mesmerising. The brand’s founders, Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers, are 2 truly inspiring people with a real passion not just for their brand, but for the work they do alongside it with their NGO,…

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Ormonde Jayne Nocturne Candle

I love an Ormonde Jayne Christmas candle and this for 2015 is spectacular. The Nocturne fragrance is inspired by fireplaces, open log fires, pine cones, cedar wood and embers with notes of cedar wood, cardamom, sandalwood, amber, tonka, mandarin and pink pepper; whilst still having that signature Ormonde Jayne creamy soft undertone. It’s to die for! Nocturne comes inside the most decadent packaging. Layers and layers of crisp gold and…

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TOM FORD Italian Cypress returns to Harrods for 12 weeks only

Discontinued a while back as part of TOM FORD’s usual shake up of its Private Blend collection, the fabulous citrus, mint and woody gem that is Italian Cypress is back. Italian Cypress is an aromatic chypre fragrance with Italian Cypress woods, citrus, basil and mint with incense tones. Classy beyond compare and a gorgeous comforting fragrance for winter that would sit fabulously on a heavy knit scarf or thick winter…

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Clearing Acne once and for all with Avene

Back in Summer, I attended an event with the french Pharmacy brand Avene for the launch of their Avene Cleanance Expert, a new hydrating acne treatment (similar in packaging and brand messaging to La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus). I have seen many anti-acne products promising big things over the years, but none as big as the results Avene claim. At the event were two ‘brand ambassadors’; regular women, not…

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MMUK Man Brow Styling Gel for Men
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Seasonal Brows: MMUK Man Brow Styling Gel

The holiday season is almost upon us (how is this happening already, it was Christmas 2014 about 2 minutes ago!?) and it’s all about looking sharp. I’ve never been able to grow much facial hair and no doubt my Movember effort will be underwhelming, but, I’ve always prided myself on serving strong eyebrow game. Living with the world’s biggest eyebrows, I’ve made many mistakes – the biggest one I remember…

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If Carlsberg did grooming products… #Sponsored

This is a guest sponsored article by Carlsberg but MANFACE approves this message and I will be sure to get a personal review of the Carlsberg products on very soon! Men who love beer might just find this Beer’d Beauty series by Carlsberg, probably the best grooming products in the world! This trio of products consists of a shaving gel, aftershave cream and a moustache cream. It makes a great…

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015

Although I’m a men’s blog, a huge portion of my readers are women and I couldn’t let October pass by without talking about Breast Cancer Awareness. The issue became all too real 2 years ago when my mum was diagnosed. Since then she has survived after being treated via a lumpectomy and radiotherapy to remove the cancer but is currently on some very, very unpleasant medication to help prevent it returning….

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