Something For The Weekend aka The Friday Bullet with REN, O’Right and Phyto

The heat is killing me. I’ve never handled heat well and in the coldest days in winter I can step out in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m just a hot person (although I’m sure many would beg to differ). I know this sounds ridiculous and “well duh” but please remember to drink more water than… Continue reading

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Deep Moisture Clarifying Day Cream and Dark Circle Perfector

A product range designed for the Asian market if ever I’ve seen one with the heavy use of emotive language signifying that having brighter and sadly, whiter skin, is better. But, this is an age old trend and confuses us in the west as much as many in Asia are befuddled with our need to be… Continue reading

Serving Fragrance Love: Two Scents for The Tennis Season

With the Wimbledon tournament starting on Monday and temperatures rocketing into the high twenties, what better time to change up your early summer fragrance wardrobe? Murdock Renshaw British Cologne Launching last summer,  Renshaw by Murdock London honours the great British traditions of tennis, croquet and the sporting games of the well-manicured lawn. Murdock themselves boast Renshaw… Continue reading

Something for The Weekend aka The Friday Bullet with Murad, Desert Essence and Imedeen

This is the first of my new weekly editorial Something for The Weekend, featuring 3 awesome skin care, grooming and beauty products, in brief, that I’ve been enjoying this week. Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash Desert? More like dessert. This Coconut scented body wash, filled to the brim with natural extracts and ingredients (many certified… Continue reading

TOP 4 Picks for Father’s Day 2015

Although I’m still away on my blogging break, I couldn’t let Father’s Day pass me by. Now, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that I’ve forayed back into the fray of YouTube with a more personal, journal style approach – no maniacal gurning in front of a camera and lighting rig. So instead of… Continue reading

A Short Break from Blogging

In 6 weeks time (11th July), MANFACE will be five years old. For any website, let alone a blog, this is a huge amount of time that I’ve lovingly devoted to writing about the world of men’s grooming, skin and skin care. But, I need a couple of weeks off, to re-think and re-group. There’s… Continue reading